Fleet Management Solutions for

Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Distribution


Asset utilization, maintenance and repairs, inventory control, cost management, technology integration, and scalability are just a glimpse into the dynamic realm of managing a warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility.

Designed to streamline and consolidate these facets, our fleet management solutions empower you to concentrate on your core priorities.

Pain Points

MYCA's Approach to Common Pain Points

  • Day-to-Day Management

  • High Turnover

  • Physical Information

  • Workforce Roles

Your everyday operations are complex. There are many processes, systems, and stakeholders involved. Where are all the quotes? How much is this going to cost me? We cover every step of accounting for your MHE fleet and the consolidated solution to the rest of your logistics.

In a labor market full of short-term workers, your fleet management has to be something concrete and simple. You need something easy to use and train on. We provide that. Our system speaks the industry language and is built to be user friendly.

Manually inputting every signed paper for your fleet is incredibly time-consuming and error prone. Our remote entry system lets suppliers input requests and quotes directly, streamlining the process and reducing errors.

In an industry where specialized training is essential and skills shortages are common in the labor market, there's no need to exhaust your workforce on tasks that can easily be handled by our efficient system.

Dispatching & Invoicing

Mobile-friendly layout

Service requests

Service contracts

Invoice audits

Invoice corrections

Streamlined & integrated AP/AR

Automated invoice approval workflow

Monthly accruals aligning with fiscal month-end


Tracking & Reporting

Standardized data from invoices

Automated reporting

Established maintenance baselines

Productivity, avoidance, and working capital project tracking

Lease hours trending over analysis

Rentals trending over 3 months alert

Repair Breakdown




Supply base management

Extension of supply management

Equipment replacement financial justifications

Equipment purchases discounts

Transparent leasing options

Optimization recommendations



Learn more about FleetClarity™ and see a demo of our proprietary system.