Fleet Management Solutions for

Supply Purchasing and Procurement


Supplier management, supply chain disruptions, risk management, sustainability, regulatory compliance, technology integration, talent acquisition and retention are just a glimpse into the dynamic realm of procurement responsibilities worldwide.

Designed to streamline and consolidate these facets, our fleet management solutions empower you to concentrate on your core priorities.

Pain Points

MYCA's Approach to Common Pain Points

  • Rogue Spend

  • Availability of KPI's

  • Time Cost

  • Variable Tracking

Feeling overwhelmed with everything slipping through your fingers? Is your organization's spending scattered across different teams with a lack of communication?

Regain control over your expenses, maintain visibility, and depend on our centralized solution. Consolidate all your MHE spending in one convenient place. Suppliers will receive consistent orders and timely payments, all through the same portal.

Monitor your Key Performance Indicators and have access to your scorecards. Track all the metrics you need to ensure that your costs stay controlled and consistent. Find new ways to reduce expenses with your new insight.

Don't let delays in procurement hinder your chances and incur unnecessary expenses.

Trust in our expertise to handle your supplier relationships, negotiate contracts, and authorize quotes.

Navigating procurement intricacies are overwhelming, but FleetClarity™ simplifies the process. We monitor market price fluctuations, manage payment terms, consolidate invoices, and handle payments seamlessly, so you don't have to.

Dispatching and Invoicing

Mobile-friendly layout

Service requests

Service contracts

Invoice audits

Invoice corrections

Streamlined & integrated AP/AR

Automated invoice approval workflow

Monthly accruals aligning with fiscal month-end


Tracking & Reporting

Standardized data from invoices

Automated reporting

Established maintenance baselines

Productivity, avoidance, and working capital project tracking

Lease hours trending over analysis

Rentals trending over 3 months alert

Repair Breakdown




Supply base management

Extension of supply management

Equipment replacement financial justifications

Equipment purchases discounts

Transparent leasing options

Optimization recommendations



Learn more about FleetClarity™ and see a demo of our proprietary system.