Fleet Management Solutions for

Equipment and Service Dealers


Is your customer pressuring you for a centralized fleet management solution? Are they seeking better spending visibility? Do they want a central system for service, quotes, and invoices? 

Provide them with a customer-centric solution that covers all their management needs. Our offerings include seamlessly integrated plans, along with comprehensive customer training.

Designed to streamline and consolidate these facets, our fleet management solutions empower your customers to concentrate on their core priorities.


Here's What's Included:

  • Technology Solutions- FleetClarity™

  • More Transparency

  • Custom Reporting

  • Centralized Solution

  • Reclaim Your Time

We've developed and effectively launched FleetClarity™, a customized data management web portal. This automated business solution minimizes and eradicates administrative tasks, enabling your valuable resources to concentrate on business expansion. With a mobile-friendly web layout and 24/7 accessibility to costs and reporting, you can be confident in your operations.

Your customer requires transparency into their machinery’s working details to prevent costly breakdowns. Give them an unbiased third-party overview of their MHE fleet. With detailed data on maintenance, repairs, and usage patterns, customers can identify any potential issues before they become major problems. 

For the questions you don’t know how to answer. Let your customers pull the reports with the details they need to know. Give them the power of information so that they can optimize their workflows and improve their bottom line.

Your customer might have a large fleet spread across multiple locations. Without a centralized solution, this will become much too complex and time-consuming. Help them save time and headaches with our software.

By adopting a centralized solution, your customers gain direct access to crucial information. Say goodbye to endless email chains, phone calls, and drawn-out meetings aimed at tackling process inefficiencies, purchase order issues, and billing inquiries. Everything they require will be conveniently consolidated in FleetClarity™, readily accessible whenever they need it.

Learn more about FleetClarity™ and see a demo of our proprietary system.