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Waste & Recycling Management Solutions


Harness the power of technology to revolutionize your waste and recycling services. Our state-of-the-art solutions will streamline operations, slash costs, and boost landfill diversion. Embrace the future of transparent and readily available data, offering you unparalleled WasteClarity™.


To enhance performance, it's essential to measure progress. Establish a baseline of the current state to set targets for reduction and pave the way for success.

Waste Process

Let's break it down. 


Take the Juggling Act Off of your Hands

Dispatching, auditing, processing, payments- have one place to assign all tasks! Manage emergency services and cleanouts, generate a payment file, and keep your documentation organized and on hand. Don't scramble for your BOLs, manifests, CODs, etc. Know where everything is, sorted according to industry needs. Plus, you can trust our in-house support as our analysts and account managers dutifully take your data and populate our software every day.

Transparent & Accessible

Our unique WasteClarity™ software was developed to track and save data for you, all while keeping it visible. Your data is accessible in a one-stop shop overview of the cost and volume involved with each waste stream.

Uncover Hidden Costs

Insights become clear when you are able to consolidate all your details together. Look at your costs broken down, grouped by different categories, compare and contrast!

Waste Pie Charts

Discover the Possibilities of WasteClarity™

Better Inventory Management

Tracking your waste makes way for more efficient material tracking. Know how much of your inventory is going to waste and understand how to better utilize your supply base. Use this data to improve your purchasing decisions.

Initiatives and Opportunities

Discover new and exciting ways to streamline your operations. Ranging from easy changes to complex integrations, find positive changes to make! 

Enhanced Supply Chain

See the impact of WasteClarity™ back to front. By analyzing the aftermath of your production cycle, we will find places to implement better practices throughout the supply chain.

Mitigate Risks


Our aim is to minimize the risks you face. We thoroughly verify the authenticity and adherence to regulations of your waste destination. We provide top-notch regression management services. WasteClarity™ securely stores all your CODs, BOLs, and Manifests.

Overall Cost Savings

In the grand scheme of things, cutting down on waste translates to cutting down on expenses for your company. Discover the true scope of your needs and adapt your purchasing practices accordingly. Maximize the potential of every resource at your disposal. Watch your savings grow.

Project Overview (43)

Traditional Approach to Waste and Recycling Management 

  • Checkmark "One size fits all"
  • Checkmark Obscure recycling billing & reporting
  • Checkmark Inefficient & Hidden Costs
  • Checkmark Hard to Measure
  • Checkmark Risky Methodology
  • Checkmark Local/Regional Approach
  • Checkmark Unsustainable

MYCA's Approach

  • Checkmark In-House Technology: WasteClarity™
  • Checkmark Optimization Identification, Driving, and Reporting
  • Checkmark Acquisition to Disposition, Total Life Cycle Management
  • Checkmark Centralized Cost Transparency and Data Visibility
  • Checkmark Precise, Standardized, Detailed, Scalable Cost Data
  • Checkmark Visibility to All Facilities’ Waste Streams
  • Checkmark Global Supply Chain Extension for Customers
  • Companywide CO2, GHG, and emissions reporting

Learn more about WasteClarity™ and see a demo of our proprietary system.