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  • Sustainable Environment

  • Equitable Governance

  • Diversity and Inclusion

ecological impact

Taking responsibility for our ecological impact.

At MYCA, we believe that efficiency lays the groundwork for environmental stewardship. We help companies maximize resources by analyzing their spending and encouraging waste reduction. With our services, our clients optimize their carbon footprint and reduce their environmental impact.

In pursuit of our internal sustainability objectives, we have successfully decreased the number of printed paper work orders by approximately 500,000 over recent years, preventing them from ending up in landfills.

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Trust who leads how we run our business.

Our Certificate of Incorporation and Code of Ethics is available for public view. It is no secret that we treat our employees with respect. We manage the critical incident risks of our clients proactively, just like we manage the systemic risk around our own company. We partner with companies invested in diverse spending and sustainable operations. Debt-free from capital investors, MYCA looks forward to a financially sustainable future.


We believe in innovation grown out of diverse roots.

Founded and led by women, MYCA fosters an uplifting environment for employees of all backgrounds, building a community that values inclusivity and strengthened by diversity.


Meet our team

Patti Massey


Dan Roberts

Chief Operating Officer

Dave Schwiegeraht

Chief Technology Officer

Maria Ezell

Chief Financial Officer

Caitlyn Shutts

Senior Director of Operations

Nancy Smith

Senior Manager of New Business Development

Emily Roberts

Senior Account Manager & Professional Growth Manager

Charlie Leventry

Senior Account Manager - Major Accounts

Mary Page

Operations Manager

Erika Roney

Marketing Coordinator

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